Sperm Analysis-How is the Sperm Test Done?

How is the Sperm Test Done?


  • What is Sperm Test?
  • Reasons for Sperm Test
  • Pre-Test Considerations
  • How is the Sperm Test Done?
  • How is the Sperm Test Evaluated?

Most of the couples who want to share a life together want to crown their relationship with a baby after a certain period of time. However, one of the biggest misconceptions that couples fall into is the thought that they can have a baby for a short time after unprotected intercourse.

In today’s conditions, the increase in environmental problems, nutritional habits, age, genetic factors and many other reasons affect the reproductive system negatively. In our country, on average, infertility is seen in one out of every 7 couples, and many tests are performed on both couples to find the source of the problem that causes infertility. Sperm test is one of these tests.

Let’s answer all the questions you wonder about what the sperm test is, how it is done and if you wish, let’s answer together.

What is Sperm Test?,Sperm Count Test

Investigation of the male’s reproductive potential by examining the sperm secretion in detail microscopically is called sperm test. This test, also known as spermiogram or semen analysis, is usually applied for two reasons.Sperm Count Test,Steps for Sperm

Reasons for Sperm Test-Sperm Analysis

  • Infertility Treatment:

    The inability of couples to have a baby despite active unprotected intercourse for at least 1 year is called infertility. In case of infertility, both couples are subjected to detailed examinations. The first examination in men is usually spermiogram.
  • Vasectomy Follow-up:

    The event of preventing the reproductive ability of the man by connecting the sperm ducts with an operation is called vasectomy. After the operation, spermiograms are performed at regular intervals for a certain period of time in order to check whether there is sperm in the semen, that is, whether the operation is successful.

Pre-Test Considerations

Semen analysis, which is usually done for the treatment of infertility, is a test based on detailed examination of sperm cells. As such, the sample to be examined must be taken in the best possible way in order for the examination to yield correct results.

For this reason, the man from whom a sample will be taken is expected to go through the preparation stage for the sperm test before the application. The details of which will be determined by the doctor and will be declared to the person both in writing and verbally, the points to be considered in this preparation stage are generally as follows.

  • Sexual intercourse and ejaculation should be avoided until 3-5 days before the test.
  • Alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and other addictive harmful substances should be avoided until 3-5 days before the test date.
  • If you have any medication that you regularly use for a chronic illness, your doctor should be informed about this before the test.
  • In line with the doctor’s recommendation, a joint decision should be reached on whether to take the drug or not to take it for a certain period of time, and this decision should be strictly followed.
  • St. John’s Wort, echinacea-like herbal medicines and teas should not be consumed until 3-5 days ago.
  • If the patient has erection problems, he should inform his doctor about it. So he can take a drug treatment to help get an erection before the test.

Depending on the patient’s condition, things to consider before taking a sample may vary slightly depending on the health institution or specialist physician you will go to. For this reason, your reference should be your physician in the rules you must comply with.

How is the Sperm Test Done?-Sperm Analysis

In order to do a sperm test, it is necessary to take a sperm sample first. Then, the sample taken should be examined in detail microscopically in the relevant health institution. In order to obtain a valid test result, it is important to take the sample correctly and deliver the sample to the health institution under appropriate conditions, as well as complying with the preparation stage before giving the sample.

Things to consider when giving a sperm sample,Sperm Analysis

  • If there is urine before giving the test sample, urination must be done beforehand, that is, the bladder must be empty.
  • The sperm sample is usually taken by masturbation. Therefore, the environment should be stress-free and comfortable.
  • The container to be used to put the sample should be wide-mouthed and sterile. If possible, the container taken from the health institution should be used to put sperm.
  • It is important to be able to use the container sterile as well as sterile the container. During sampling, care should be taken not to touch the inside of the container and not to mix foreign materials such as soap, cream, saliva, water lubricant.
    Because foreign materials affect the result and prevent you from obtaining accurate data.
  • Care must be taken to ensure that the entire semen is placed in the container and not even a drop of it spills out. In the event of such an event, you are expected to inform your doctor. Otherwise, the data obtained in the test results may be misleading.
  • If you collect the sperm sample in another place other than the relevant health institution, you must deliver the sample to the health institution by keeping its temperature.
  • It should not be higher or lower than normal, that is, body temperature. For this reason, it is expected to be delivered within 30-40 minutes at most.

If patients who have erection problems have problems with erection despite taking medication beforehand, sperm samples are taken from the testes by surgical methods.

TESE: Sperm is obtained by biopsy from the testicles under local or general anesthesia.

PESA: Sperm collection by external injection into the sac called scrotum, where the testicles are located.
MESA: It is the process of obtaining sperm from the sperm canal by microsurgical method. It is applied under general or local anesthesia.

PTSA: It is the process of taking samples from testicular tissue by entering the testicles by injection from outside the body.

The sample, which cannot be taken naturally, is taken by these methods and examined in the laboratory.Sperm Analysis

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