How Can You Determining the Gender of the Baby

How can you determine the sex of the baby

While the groups that are in favor of choosing the baby’s gender advocate protection from genetically transmitted and gender-related diseases, those who are against it think that it is not right to interfere with the rules of nature.

Determining the Gender of the Baby

  • The X sperm carry the genetic material that makes the girl into the egg, and they are larger, stronger but slower.
  • Y sperm carry the genetic material that makes a boy and are small and weak but faster.

The time of ovulation can be determined with a body temperature chart, cervical mucus amount or LH urine kits.

For the girl child, intercourse should be done 2-4 days before the probable ovulation day, and intercourse should not be performed during the period when the cervical mucus is most abundant.

The most suitable time for intercourse for a male baby should be sexual intercourse 12 hours before ovulation.

Cervical mucus and body temperature determination can be used to determine this. There may be coexistence on the day of the decrease in body temperature or the next day.

When the cervical mucus starts to turn from clearer to whiter and thicker, intercourse should occur. Sexual intercourse should be as close as possible to ovulation.

Determining the Gender:
Sexual abstinence should also be different for a girl or boy. Condoms should not be used for girls, sexual intercourse after menstruation should be done every day until the specified day, then there should be no intercourse until 2-3 days after ovulation, and then a condom should be used.

For the male baby, sexual abstinence should be observed after the menstrual period until the date of intercourse, or sexual intercourse should be with a condom until 4-5 days before ovulation.

Condoms should be used in all intercourse before and after timed intercourse. If you have intercourse 3 or more days before ovulation, there is a high probability of having a baby girl.

Closer to the time of ovulation, the probability of having a male baby after intercourse is more.

  • For the baby girl, it is appropriate for the man to take a hot bath before intercourse.
  • For a baby boy, the balls need to be kept cool.

Sauna, hot bath, scuba diving should not be done. Prolonged work in heated areas should be avoided.

Men’s underwear also differs in determining gender. While wearing slips or tight underwear is effective for a baby girl, wearing boxers is more beneficial for y-sperms than x-sperms.

Caffeine intake also differs in determining gender. For a girl baby, both couples should stay away from caffeinated drinks for a long time, while for a baby boy, it would be right for the man to drink strong caffeinated coffee 30 minutes before intercourse.
While being stress-free and comfortable brings you a baby girl, for those who are distressed and stressed, the future baby is a boy.

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