This Privacy Policy is applicable for all users (“Users”) using the website “” (“Website”) operated by KiwiBaby (“Company”).

1. The Company does not share the personal data and information obtained through the Website or otherwise transferred to it by the Users except for the cases specified in this Privacy Policy and the Acknowledgement Letter Regarding the Processing of Personal Data below and does not use them for any commercial purposes other than the stated purposes, and does not transfer to third persons.

2. Users’ personal data and confidential information will be disclosed to official authorities only if requested by official authorities and when disclosure is required in accordance with the provisions of the applicable mandatory legislation.

3. All appropriate technical and administrative measures have been taken in the systems and internet infrastructure within the scope of technological possibilities and cost factors by our Company or, depending on the nature of the information, by the relevant institution, for the security of the information provided by the users to the Company or obtained by the Company and all transactions realized through the Website.

4. It is assumed that the personal data the User has shared with the Company belongs to the User.

5. The Company may update, modify, or repeal the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time. Any updated, amended or repealed provision shall apply to the User at the date of publication. User’s continuation of use of the Website shall constitute their confirm to the changes.




We, KiwiBaby (“Company”), intend to fulfill the obligation to inform within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law (“Law”) with this Acknowledgement Letter within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law and the Communique on Procedures and Principles for the Fulfillment of the Obligation to Inform.

Within this scope, the topics that we are obliged to give information on are as following:

1. The Identity of the Data Controller and of its Representative, if any:

The data controller is KiwiBaby, organize sanayi bölgesi 2.kısım kiwi deposu Merkez/Sivas.

2. The Purpose of Processing of Personal Data

Your personal data in the categories that you have conveyed through the website including but not limited to name, last name, e-mail address, address information are processed for the purpose of creation of your account on the website, receiving your order, contacting you regarding your order request, providing you with goods, product or services accordingly, interacting healthily and extensively in customer relations, sending of commercial electronic mail with your consent, following up on your requests and complaints and resolving disputes and problems that may arise in the future and the storing of these personal data in line with the statute of limitations arising out of legislation.

3. to Whom and for Which Purposes the Processed Personal Data May Be Transferred by the Company

Your personal data may be transferred to the Company’s shareholders, business associates, companies that provide services and authorized public institutions and organizations to carry out the purposes stated in article 2.

4. The Method and Legal Basis of Collection of Personal Data

Your personal data is collected for the legal purposes that requires the processing of personal data of the parties to an agreement provided that it is directly related to the execution or the performance of an agreement, that it is necessary for compliance of the Company’s legal obligation, that it is necessary to process data for the institution, usage or protection of a right or for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject are not damaged.

5. Your rights within the scope of the Law regarding your personal data are:

(a) to find out if your personal data is being processed; (b) to request information about your personal data if it has been processed; (c) to find out the purpose of processing of your personal data and whether it has been used in connection with its purpose; (ç) to know the third parties to whom your personal data has been transferred in or out of the country; (d) to request that your personal data be corrected if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed; (e) to request that your personal data be erased or destroyed if the reasons for the processing of your personal data have been removed; (f) to request to notify transactions mentioned in paragraphs (d) and (e) to third parties to whom your personal data are transmitted; (g) to object to the opposite consequences of the action by analyzing your processed data exclusively through automated systems; and (ğ) to demand that your damages be remedied if you have been harmed because your personal data has been processed in violation of the Law.

You may personally deliver your written requests along with documents authenticating your identity and your petition containing your requests to the Company by hand to the address oforganize sanayi bölgesi 2.kısım kiwi deposu Merkez/Sivas. or submit them by using secure electronic signature, mobile signature, or the electronic e-mail address that you previously notified to the Company and registered in the Company’s system (in this context, you can reach the Company via the email address [email protected]) or via software or application improved for the purpose of the application.


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